Best helmets for your scooter rental

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Full Face Helmets

First of all, full face helmets are helmets that offer better head protection, they offer full protection for both head and face, chin and nape. Ride On is your rent scooter Barcelona service.
Casco integral alquiler moto Mallorca
Many full face helmets are manufactured for competitions and are classified as sport helmets, designed for both road use and circuit use, intended to improve lightness, aerodynamics, safety and ventilation. Discover Barcelona with Ride On scooter rental Barcelona.
Casco integral HJC alquiler moto Mallorca

 Jet Helmets

Secondly, we have the jet helmets, these helmet have more urban look and lines, they offer head protection while leaving the face and the chin uncovered. One of the biggest advantages of the jet helmets is that they offer greater visibility than the full face ones and greater ventilation, perfect for your motorcycle rental in Barcelona in summer. 
Casco JET alquiler moto Mallorca
Jet helmets have been specially designed for users of scooters and maxi-scooters, perfect for the scooter rental in Barcelona.

Modular Helmets

The main characteristic of the modular helmets is that they allow to flip up the chin bar, this way allowing to convert the full face helmet into the jet one and vice versa. They are helmets that combine the benefits of the Jet helmet as the circulation in urban environments with the protection that is more similar to the full face helmet.  Ride On and enjoy Barcelona with your rent vespa Barcelona service.
Casco Modulares alquiler moto Mallorca
Modular helmets are specially designed for the touring segment, for users who travel long distances on both roads and motorways, generally for GT bikes, tourist bikes or high-powered trail bikes. Enjoy your Scooter hire Barcelona service.

Adventure Helmets

Casco adventure alquiler moto Mallorca
Adventure helmets combine the best of full face helmets, that is, they are one-piece helmets offering all the protection of these but incorporating small elements more typical for off-road use such as visor, more advanced chin guard and the possibility of removing the screen and putting on motocross goggles.
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