Rental Conditions


The driver acknowledges having read and accepted the conditions detailed in this contract necessary for driving the vehicle.

It undertakes to respect the current traffic regulations at all times and is responsible for any penalties that may arise from the misuse or failure to comply with the regulations and for the duration of this contract. NOT included are the damages caused by bad or reckless driving, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, exempt the Company from any liability.

The clauses of the rental agreement can only be modified by written agreement signed by both parties.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the general conditions set out in this contract, Ride On may terminate this contract at any time by requiring the return of the vehicle, and the owner of this contract must agree to deliver the vehicle to our base as soon as possible. No refund of the amount paid will be made.


1.1. For all the displacements it will be fundamental to have Experience Driving Scooters (MINIMUM ONE YEAR). If the worker perceives that the Customer does not know how to drive the motorcycle, it will not be delivered and the online payment will not be returned.

  • Be over 21 years old for all models except 400cc and 700cc, which requires a minimum of 25 years.
  • Passport and DNI in force.
  • For driving licenses outside the EU or without an agreement with Spain, it will be necessary to present the International Driver’s License in addition to the original of the country of issue. (Inform yourself in your embassy before booking)
    • 49cc (AM or B driving license issued 1 year ago or more)
    • 125cc (A1 or B driving license issued 3 years ago or more)
    • 200cc y 300cc (A2).
    • 400cc (A2)
    • 700cc (A)
  • Booking Number (Recommended)
  • Minimum experience of one year driving scooter

1.2. Photos, photocopies or complaints and / or any other document that is not the original card will not be accepted.

1.3. In the event that the Customer does not meet the aforementioned conditions, the vehicle will not be delivered or the amount paid will be returned.


2.1. The Customer receives the vehicle in perfect working order, including the two tires and accessories (keys, helmet and padlock). You should check it with the person in charge of delivering the motorcycle; recognizing to be informed of the type of fuel that the vehicle needs; and committing to return said vehicle in the same conditions in which it receives it, the client has an hour after the contract date to detect any anomaly of the motorcycle.

The Customer agrees to return the vehicle to Ride On at the scheduled date and time and at the place agreed in the rental agreement. The return of the Vehicle CAN NOT be in a different place than originally agreed.

2.2. If for reasons beyond our Company’s control, the Customer does not pick up the motorcycle at the time set out in the reservation or contract, we will not extend the contract or pay the hours or days not consumed.

2.3. The delivery of the vehicle will be made at the time required by the Client in the online booking form. In case the Customer would like to pick up before the requested time, he must pay the corresponding amount.

2.4. The return time previously requested by the Client must be respected WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS. In the event of not returning the motorcycle at the agreed time, RIDE ON gives 30 minutes of courtesy. After this time, the Customer will be charged an extra day, plus an additional penalty in terms of damages caused to the Company since it is not legal to circulate with an expired rental contract. The contract will only be terminated when the Customer presents himself at the store where he must return the vehicle, with the same and its corresponding keys and documentation.

2.5. Clients who select as delivery and return point in a location outside our offices will be picked up by a private transfer and transferred to our headquarters for the delivery of the scooter, the collection and subsequent return of customers in these locations will be subject to a timeframe. Ride On warns that due to traffic difficulties it can sometimes arrive before or after the agreed time.

2.6. For bookings made online less than a day after delivery we have 6 hours of logistics preparation. The customer may not claim any compensation for the wait if any.


3.1. In addition to the rental price, the rental of a motorcycle requires a deposit. It may vary depending on the office and level of coverage contracted. All our rentals include basic insurance, the deposits to be paid in rentals with basic insurance are:

  • Peugeot Kisbee 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 125cc
    • Menorca: 150€
    • Mallorca: 200€
    • Barcelona: 200€
  • Peugeot Django 125cc, Yamaha Tricity 125cc, Kymco Super Dink 125cc
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Mallorca: 300€
    • Barcelona: 250€
  • Peugeot Citystar 200cc
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Barcelona: 250€
  • Peugeot Satelis 300cc, SYM Citycom 300i
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Barcelona: 300€
    • Mallorca: 300€
  • SYM Maxsym 400cc, Vespa Primavera 125cc
    • Barcelona: 400€
  • Honda Transalp 700cc
    • Barcelona: 500€

*The deposit can be reduced by contracting higher coverages (RIDER or PRO RIDER)

3.2. In no case may the deposit be used for an extension of the rent. Payment of the deposit must be made by credit / debit card or in cash. This amount does not cover the total of the alleged damages, assuming that the damage to the vehicle exceeds the amount of the deposit must be paid by the Client. When the Customer returns the vehicle along with the keys and the Company terminates the contract, the deposit will be returned. In the event that this has been paid by card and the rental period is greater than 28 days, it can not be returned by credit card. The expenses of the bank transfer for its return will be borne by the Client.


4.1. In case of accident or theft, you have to contact the Police within 24 hours after the incident. You must also make the appropriate report of the theft. You must notify Ride On of the theft by phone 971 576 958.

In the event of an accident with another vehicle, the Customer must submit to Ride On within 48 hours after the incident, the Agreed Statement of facts, completed by both parties.
In case of theft, you must present the complaint and the vehicle keys. If the client does not have the full risk insurance contracted and the vehicle does not appear before the end of the contract date, he must pay 80 percent of the value of the vehicle, Retail Price.

4.2. In the event that due to a defect, the vehicle suffers a breakdown, not an accident, Ride On will replace the vehicle as soon as possible and within the established opening hours. If a vehicle replacement is not possible, Ride On will refund the amount corresponding to the days not used for the contracted rate.

4.3. The Client expressly acknowledges and accepts the foregoing in the previous paragraph and renounces any compensation, if applicable.

4.4. The Driver / Client is responsible for the vehicle and the damages caused during the rental unless the Leasing Company obtains the acceptance of the total or partial responsibility on the part of a third party.

4.5. In case of accident, the vehicle will not be replaced, the contract will be finalized and the money will not be returned for the remaining days of the rental.

4.6. The damages that the client may generate will be subject to valuation of the company and subsequent budget by the Landlord. This means that the deposit can not be returned until the value of the repair is certified with a provisional quotation.


5.1. No fare includes fuel. Ride On will deliver the scooter to the driver with a full tank. The Customer must return the scooter with the full tank. In case of lack of gasoline, you will be charged for the refueling service for time and travel that must be done by the Company to complete the deposit, the following rates:

  • Peugeot Kisbee 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 125cc
    • Price: 15€
  • Peugeot Django 125cc, Vespa Primavera 125cc, Yamaha Tricity 125cc, Kymco Super Dink 125cc, Peugeot Citystar 200cc, Peugeot Satelis 300cc, SYM Citycom 300i, SYM Maxsym 400cc, Honda Transalp 700cc
    • Price: 25€

5.2. All of our scooters use 95 Lead Free gasoline. If there is an error in the refueling and as a consequence the motorcycle suffers some damage, the repair will be entirely borne by the Customer.


6.1. The Customer can not repair the vehicle without prior written authorization from the company.

6.2. The maintenance and lubrication of the vehicle are included in our rates. (Punctures and / or tire changes resulting from the misuse of the vehicle are not included.)

6.3. Mechanical wear due to reasonable and normal use of the vehicle is assumed by Ride On.

6.4. It is the Client’s obligation to stop the Vehicle when any anomaly of the Vehicle’s operation is detected. The Customer must contact Ride On at 971 576 958 or with the roadside assistance company.

6.5. In case of damage to the vehicle, as well as its accessories and accessories and / or theft thereof, the Customer will be charged for the following items and amounts that will be available to the customer in each office:

  • Plastics: bumps, rubs, dents or deformations.
  • Crystals / mirrors: chopped, cracks, losses, subtraction.
  • Lights: broken casings.
  • Tires: punctures.
  • Cabin: upholstery, dashboard, belts. Accessories: loss, subtraction. Subject to expertise by the company Empresarg S.L

In case of loss of keys must be paid by the Client. The cost of the motorcycle’s key will depend on the model of the rented motorcycle. The cost of the padlock key is € 25, the trunk key is € 10 and the transfer for the delivery of keys or motorcycle locksmith is € 50.
In case of loss of the padlock you must pay it. The cost is € 25 and the transfer for keys or opening the motorcycle is € 50.


7.1 The Roadside Assistance Service is included in the fare if the damage is typical of the motorcycle and the collection of it is 15km around the store in Barcelona, 25km around the store in Palma de Mallorca and throughout the island in the case of Menorca . In case the distance is greater, the company will provide the Customer with the crane service telephone that must be hired. The company will not be responsible for the payment of this service that will be borne by the customer.





BARCELONA: Covers damages to third parties, damages to the vehicle as well as total, partial destruction, loss of the same and / or theft with an excess according to the category of the vehicle:
– Category A: 500€
– Category B: 750€
– Category C: 2000€
– Category D,K: 2600€
– Category E: 4500€
– Category F,H; 1700€

MENORCA/MALLORCA: Covers damages to third parties, damage to the vehicle as well as total, partial destruction, loss of the same and / or theft WITHOUT excess.

Both in Barcelona and in Menorca/Mallorca does not cover:
– Lost and / or broken keys
– Drum rupture (except if the problem comes from a motorcycle malfunction)
– Punctures (does not include rescue as a result of it)
– Assistance on the road due to lack of gasoline or loss of keys, helmets, padlock.
– In case of accident, the motorcycle pick-up is paid by the Customer.
– If a fuel is thrown that does not correspond to the one that carries the motorcycle, the repair will be paid by the Customer.
– In no case is loss and / or breakage of accessories and personal belongings included.
– Accidents caused by the effects of alcohol and / or drugs will not be covered.
– In no case does the coverage cover medical assistance for personal injuries. In case you need medical assistance, call Emergencies at 112.


BARCELONA: Covers all types of accidentally caused accidents, damages to third parties, damage to the vehicle as well as total, partial destruction, loss of the same and/or theft with an excess according to the vehicle’s category:
– Category A,B: 150€
– Category C: 500€
– Category D,K: 800€
– Category E: 2000€
– Category F,H; 300€

MENORCA/MALLORCA: Covers all types of accident caused by chance, damage to third parties, damage to the vehicle as well as total, partial destruction, loss of the same and/or theft WITHOUT exemption.

Both in Barcelona and in Menorca / Mallorca will have coverage:
– Damage to third parties
– Punctures of tires (in no case the tire breakage)
– Break of keys (only covers a breakage, in no case the loss or forgetting of these, such as under the seat)
– Replacement vehicle in case of accident and breakdown (Mallorca / Barcelona: within a 25km radius of where the Ride ON office is located Menorca: the whole island)
– The partial or total destruction of the vehicle.
– The breakage of vehicle accessories such as helmets, trunk and padlock. (In case of breakage of accessories such as a helmet, padlock or keys, only the first break would be covered, never the second break, having to pay the Client)
– Accidents caused by the effects of alcohol and / or drugs will not be covered.
– In no case does the coverage cover medical assistance for personal injuries. In case you need medical assistance, call Emergencies at 112.



The coverage for rain, in addition to including the same service as the Coverage Pro Rider (Premium Risk) gives you the option, in case of rain on the day of the return, to leave the vehicle at your hotel or apartment for later collection by part of Ride On.
– This service does not include the refueling of gasoline or the transfer of the Customers. The customer must always return the vehicle full of gasoline.
– In no case does the coverage cover medical assistance for personal injuries. In case you need medical assistance, call Emergencies at 112.

8.4. Inexperienced drivers may only contract Basic Coverage, and RIDER Coverage, RIDER PRO Coverage (Premium Premium Risk) and PRO RIDER + LLUVIA Coverage are not available.

8.5. The Client accepts that he has been duly warned that neither the insurance company nor the extra coverage of Ride On has medical assistance of any kind, whether in hospitals, clinics and / or any other type of public or private establishment, nor for the Taker, nor for the passenger if there is one. Neither will they have coverage for sick leave of any kind, as a result of falls, accidents, etc., either because of the driver assigned in the contract or because of a third party or due to fortuitous causes. The company will in no case provide the Customer with the insurance company’s data.


9.1. The delivery service and collection of suitcases in hotels has a cost that will be specified on the website of the Company. This rate includes delivery to the hotel or address and collection, this cost can not be split.

9.2. Being the service contracted through the Web page and / or in any of our offices, it may be canceled before being enjoyed, the charge not being applied. In the event that the service is canceled having already enjoyed a stretch or delivery, the money can not be returned, since this service is not fractionable.

9.3. The delivery and / or collection schedule will be determined by the Company according to our work forecast. The Customer must pay attention to the contact telephone number in case there is any problem to speed up the delivery route. If not, the latter will return with the suitcases to the ship so that the Customer can pick them up within the opening hours or, if the Client so requests, they will be included in the following route at an additional cost.

9.4. The suitcases will be delivered at the reception of your hotel. In the case of private accommodations or those that do not have a reception, the Client must always be available according to the schedule that the delivery person agrees.

9.5. Ride On is not responsible for partial or total loss of objects, partial or total bag breakage. It is forbidden to leave electronics in the suitcase (computers, tablets, telephones) as well as money and other valuables. If the customer fails to comply with this rule, the company will not be responsible for these objects without exception.

9.6. It is your obligation to inform the company the address of your accommodation, as well as inform your accommodation that Ride On will leave your bags at the reception.


10.1. The Customer agrees to use and drive the vehicle in accordance with the basic rules of driving, circulation and in accordance with the specifications of use of the vehicle type.

10.2. The Client is strictly forbidden to leave the Spanish territory with the motorbike rented to Ride On.

10.3. The Client is prohibited from traveling outside the urban area of Barcelona with the 49cc scooter, as well as being prohibited from traveling on motorways.
For the rest of displacements (125cc, 200cc, 300cc, 400cc and 700cc) it is forbidden to leave the Spanish territory in the case of offices in the Peninsula. In the case of offices in Menorca and Mallorca, it is forbidden to leave the island where the vehicle was rented, regardless of the size of the vehicle, unless written permission of the company.

10.4. The Client is not authorized to carry passengers. In case the client carries a passenger he will do it under his entire responsibility.

10.5. Only the person or persons identified and accepted by Ride On in the rental agreement are authorized to drive the vehicle, provided that they are over 21 or 25 years old according to the rented model and are holders and are in possession of a valid driving license.

10.6. The Customer agrees to keep the vehicle, use the padlock provided and park it in a safe place and properly parked when not using it and not to keep the documents inside it and thus avoid major problems in case of theft.

10.7. The Client is prohibited from assigning, renting, mortgaging, pledging, selling or in any way guaranteeing the vehicle. It is forbidden to vary any technical characteristic of the vehicle or make any type of modification of its exterior and / or interior appearance (unless authorized in writing by Ride On).

10.8. It is not allowed to transport the vehicle on board any type of boat, truck or means of transport (unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor).

10.9. In case of a fine, the customer will be responsible and will pay the same as soon as possible. As well as, you must pay Ride On an amount in concept of Administrative Management. If it is the case that the Customer withdraws the vehicle, the charge for collecting it in the municipal deposit will be € 50.

10.10. No amount is refundable in case of return of the vehicle prior to the expiration date of the contract.


11.1. In case the Client wants to extend the contract, he must notify Ride On. Said extension shall be subject to the availability of vehicles and the disposition of the Company, upon payment and renewal of the contract. For this extension and/or renewal, you must go to one of our offices. There are no extensions and/or renewals of another method that is not personally. The contract holder must make the management in our office.

11.2. In case the Client wants to cancel the reservation, he must inform Ride On. You can cancel for free if:
– Barcelona: 24 hours before the date and time of delivery of the motorcycle.
– Menorca/Mallorca: 10 days before the date and time of delivery of the motorcycle.
In the case of being within the term, we will proceed to refund the money previously paid by the customer. The credit will be made directly on your credit/debit card. In the event that the cancellation is made with less time than indicated above, the money paid will not be refunded.


12.1. Empresarg S.L. is not responsible for delays or blockages in the Internet network caused by deficiencies or overloads as well as any other electronic system.

12.2. The impossibility of giving the Service or allowing access for any reason.

12.3. If the user wishes to submit a claim to, he can send a letter to our headquarters at Calle Gustavo Mas, 21. CP 07760 Ciudadela de Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain.


The present General Conditions will be governed by the Spanish Legislation, which will be applicable in what is not provided in the same in terms of interpretation, validity and execution. The parties expressly submit to the courts and tribunals of the place fulfilling the obligation to settle any dispute that may arise in the interpretation and / or execution of these General Conditions of Contract.