Frequency Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the rent

In this section you will find answers to the most frequent asked questions about our rental service.

Do I need experience to rent a scooter?

Yes, you need to have a minimum experience of one year driving scooter

Which documents are needed to rent a scooter at

To rent a scooter with Ride On you will need:

  • Be over 21 years old for all models except 400cc and 700cc, which requires a minimum of 25 years.
  • Passport and DNI in force.
  • For driving licenses outside the EU or without an agreement with Spain, it will be necessary to present the International Driver’s License in addition to the original of the country of issue. (Inform yourself in your embassy before booking)
    • 49cc (AM or B driving license issued 1 year ago or more)
    • 125cc (A1 or B driving license issued 3 years ago or more)
    • 200cc y 300cc (A2).
    • 400cc (A2)
    • 700cc (A)
  • Booking Number (Recommended)
  • Minimum experience of one year driving scooter

Is it necessary to pay a deposit when picking up the scooter?

Yes, it is necessary to leave a deposit. This deposit will vary depending on the scooter model you choose at the time of booking, the coverage you choose and the city where you rent the scooter. It will be returned once we verify that everything is correct at the time of the return. Below you can see the deposit for rentals with basic insurance, they can decrease when contracting higher coverages:

  • Peugeot Kisbee 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 49cc, Peugeot Tweet 125cc
    • Menorca: 150€
    • Mallorca: 200€
    • Barcelona: 200€
  • Peugeot Django 125cc, Yamaha Tricity 125cc, Kymco Super Dink 125cc
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Mallorca: 300€
    • Barcelona: 250€
  • Peugeot Citystar 200cc
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Barcelona: 250€
  • Peugeot Satelis 300cc, SYM Citycom 300i
    • Menorca: 250€
    • Barcelona: 300€
    • Mallorca: 300€
  • SYM Maxsym 400cc, Vespa Primavera 125cc
    • Barcelona: 400€
  • Honda Transalp 700cc
    • Barcelona: 500€

What's included in the price?

The rent without extras of all our scooters includes two helmets (with sizes to choose and two disposable hygienic caps), a security lock, a top case for the second helmet, obligatory civil liability insurance, unlimited mileage, Full-Full fuel policy. All prices shown include VAT.

What payment methods are available?

The advance payment of 25% of the total reservation you will make online on our website must be made with a credit or debit card. Once you arrive at our offices you can pay the remaining 75% in cash, credit or debit card together with the deposit.

How can I obtain an exact quote for the rental days and how do I indicate the place of delivery and collect?

On the homepage of you will find a bar where you can put the day, time and office where you want to pick up and return the scooter. Once you click on SEARCH, the different scooters available for the indicated dates will be shown together with the corresponding rates. If you need to add Extras, continue with the operation by clicking on BOOK NOW and you will get a more detailed quote.

Can I return the scooter in a different office to where I initially rented?

Yes. Ride On allows collection and return between certain offices. This service is available only in the Balearic Islands. This option must be indicated at the time of making the reservation on the Website or 24hs advance notice to the following telephone number: +34 971 576 958. (Subject to availability).

Can you bring the scooter to my hotel or apartment?

We have a service of delivery and collection of scooters, mainly in hotels and accommodations. You can check the rates on by choosing the delivery area or adding the extra delivery or collection at hotel.

*Offices outside Balearic Islands: This service is limited to a radius of 10km around our offices. For longer distances, please contact us.

How will I recognize your company when you deliver the scooter to me at home?

All our fleet is identified with the Ride On logo with its characteristic colors in green and yellow. In any case, the operator in charge of delivering the scooter will contact you prior to delivery.

Can I make a reservation through to pick up the scooter the same day?

Yes, it is necessary to leave a margin of 1 hour until the reservation time. You must bear in mind that if you want us to deliver the scooter at home we will need an operating margin to be able to deliver it.

Can I rent more than one scooter?

Yes. At the time of delivering the scooters, the different drivers must be present with the necessary documentation to include it in each contract.

Is it possible to rent a scooter for hours?

Yes. In the booking process you can select the pick-up time and return time you want. Keep in mind that, even if you book the vehicle for a few hours, the minimum price applicable will be one day’s rent.

How can I modify or cancel my booking?

For any modification to the reservation you must contact by sending an email to Remember that you must do it at least 10 days prior to arrival at the office.

Will I get some money back if I deliver the scooter before the end date of the contract?

No, no amount is refundable in case of return of the vehicle prior to the expiration date of the contract.

What should I do if I want to extend the duration of my rent?

If you want to extend the contract, you must notify Ride On. This extension will be subject to the availability of vehicles, after payment and renewal of the contract. To make the extension of the contract effective, you must present yourself at the nearest Ride On office. No extensions or renovations are made in any other way than in person. The contract holder may carry out this procedure.

What are the cancellation fees of the reservation?

There are no booking cancellation fees if you do it 48 hours in advance in the case of Barcelona and 10 days in advance in the case of our offices in the Balearic Islands. Otherwise, the amount of 25% on the total of the reservation paid in the pre-booking will not be refunded.

Is there mileage limitation?

No, you do not have a mileage limit. Enjoy and reach any corner.

What type of fuel do Ride On scooters use?

The entire Ride On scooter fleet uses LEAD-FREE 95 GASOLINE.

How is the fuel policy?

All scooters in the Ride On fleet will always be delivered with a full fuel tank. It is your responsibility to return the scooter with a full gas tank. You can check our Terms and Conditions when booking the scooter to know the penalties for violating this policy.

Can I add a second driver in the contract?

Yes. You can add a second driver at no additional cost as long as he meets the required requirements and presents the necessary documentation to drive the vehicle. This option is formalized in the office where you pick up the scooter.

How does the luggage service work? (Service only available in the Balearic Islands)

The luggage service in hotels has a cost that will be specified on the website This rate includes delivery and collection of the same. The suitcases will be delivered at the reception of your hotel. In the case of private accommodations or those that do not have a reception, the Client must always be available according to the schedule that the delivery person agrees. The luggage service has a schedule, contact us if you have any questions.

Can I reserve a vehicle and return it outside office hours?

This option has an additional cost for return after hours and is only possible if the Pro Rider (All Risk Premium) coverage is contracted.

Can I hire additional coverage? (Check Rates in EXTRAS)

We have three types of extra coverage:

  1. RIDER Coverage (All Risk)
  2. PRO RIDER Coverage (All Risk Premium)
  3. PRO RIDER Coverage + Rain (Only available in Balearic Islands).

You can simulate the price of our coverages during the reservation process at the time of selecting the Extras.

What should I do if I already have insurance/coverage contracted with another company?

If you have an annual policy, it is important that you keep in mind that this coverage is NOT directly with Ride On. Therefore, this annual policy will not exempt you from leaving a deposit. In the event that you do not hire any of our extra coverages and the scooter suffers any damage, you must respond to Ride On for the damages caused and then claim your insurance and/or policy for the refund for the amount paid.

Is there any way to eliminate the excess? (NOT APPLICABLE IN BALEARICS)

If you choose one of our extra coverages there is a reduction of the franchise to be paid.

How can I contact Roadside Assistance?

Contact Ride On first by calling Customer Service (+34) 971 576 958. You can find this phone number on the scooter’s key ring.

What do I do if the vehicle does not start or does not work properly?

In the event that you notice that any of the warning lights that detect a malfunction of the vehicle lights up in the instrument panel or when you perceive external signs that indicate malfunction or failure of the vehicle, you should stop the vehicle as soon as possible and contact Ride On to the telephone +34 971 576 958.

How should I act in case of an accident?

  1. If you and/or your companion, and/or any of the occupants of the opposing vehicle are injured and / or need Health Assistance, immediately call EMERGENCIES 112.
  2. Please be very careful when leaving the vehicle.
  3. If there are no injuries, or once these are conveniently attended, please proceed to collect all the information related to the accident. On the scooter you will find the document Agreed Statement of Facts.
  4. In a maximum period of 24 hours, you must deliver the documentation to the nearest Ride On office or you can send it by email to , always, deliver the original documentation when returning the vehicle.
  5. If the vehicle can circulate, you must go to the nearest Ride On office to deliver the documentation.
  6. If the vehicle does not work, contact Roadside Assistance at 971 576 958.
  7. You must provide your contract number and/or license plate and the exact location where it is located.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, will I be given a replacement vehicle?

If the fault is not due to negligence on your part, you will have a replacement vehicle. In case of accident and always depending on the contracted coverage, you can have a replacement vehicle always within business hours and subject to availability.

What should I do in case of loss, breakage or theft of the vehicle key?

In any case, you must pay the keys to Ride On. The cost of the scooter key will depend on the rented model. The cost of the keys of the security lock is €25, the keys of the top case €10 and the displacement to deliver the keys and/or locksmith is €50.

Where is the headquarters?

Our headquarters is located at: Calle Gustavo Mas, 21. Ciudadela de Menorca (07760)

What happens if I rent a scooter and I do not know how to drive or do not have the minimum experience required?

If at the time of delivery we notice that you are not qualified to drive one of our scooters, we will cancel the contract. 25% of the online payment will not be returned as indicated by our Terms and Conditions and our Frequently Asked Questions.