Frequently asked questions about the rent

For your information, this section you will find answers to the most frequent doubts and questions about our rental service.

Yes. It is necessary to pay a security deposit if you buy the bike with third party insurance tendrias that degar 150€ at the time of receiving the bike, which may be either in cash or with your credit card. In the event that delivered the bike in conditions according to what is agreed, you will return the full amount of the deposit at the time of the collection. If contrataras the bike with the full risk insurance bail serious 60€.

We deliver all bikes with a full tank and it is your responsibility to return it also full. Refer to the terms and conditions when booking the bike to know what happens in the event of it not you can return full.

We have the central office at Calle Gustavo More 21 , Ciudadela de Menorca.We also have another office in Calle Sant Miquel 52, Sant Climent.

We are going to buscaros airport and os we our office there we say where you want us to stop the suitcases, we have a guy that spread across the whole of the island, he will bring you the suitcase.

The minimum age is 21 years.

If, between certain offices this allowed the collection in a and the devolucón in another, only you warn 24h before, at no additional cost.

If you can hire additional driver at no additional cost. This option can be to formalize both at the time of the reservation of the bike, as in the collection office. It is necessary that all drivers present its documentation in force

In the booking process you must select the time of pick up and return. Keep in mind that although booking a vehicle by a hours, the price min applicable is that of 1 day rental.

If you normally gives you a margin of one hour, just keep in mind that we need a few hours of deliberi performance see in general conditions.

If we have the service, see rates.

On the main page you can find the booking engine that will make you a budget based on the days that you want to rent, the area of delivery and recodiga, and will tell you if what bikes are available for those dates.

We do not have the limitation of mileage.

We have three tipor of coverages: Coverage Rider (All Risk): has a cost of 6 euros per day. Coverage Rider Pro (all risk premium): has a cost of 8 euros per day Coverage Rider Pro Rain : has a cost of 11 euros per day

If but each driver will be the holder of the contract for the vehicle that will lead and must comply with the basic requirements (have driving license in force.

We have vans to distribute silver motorcycles with the logo of Ride On moto rent. The operator responsible for delivering and collecting the motorcycles by the address that you have indicated, will attempt to contact you previously.

This option is not possible


If, with coverage all risk premium and coverage of rain. You only need to leave the petrol tank that will be: on the motorcycles of cylinders 50cc, 125cc 15€ and motociletas with cylinders above 25€. If you choose the full insurance the franchise will be €80 and if you choose basic insurance the franchise will be of 150€, in this case the amount ever serves as a total guarantee if the damage of the bike exceeds the amount of the franchise, the customer shall pay the total damage, depending on the cost.

If you have an annual policy, or an additional coverage it is important to have in mind that this coverage is not directly with Ride On. Therefore you must also deposit the amount of the franchise or hire our additional coverage. In these cases, if the bike suffers any damage during the rental period you will have to pay the amount of the damage to ride on and claim your company the refund of the amounts paid.

There are no expenses of cancellation only if we give them 15 days in advance, otherwise it will not be returned.

Only by calling the customer service phone

For the website must pay with credit card or debit card, once arrives to our offices you can pay the rest in cash , with card debit or credit.

Preferably is much more agile handling the reservation.

You must go with the vehicle rental for the office of Ride on nearest you, because we need a new signature of the contract to be able to proceed to the enlargement.

No. The contract establishes the rental period. If the scooter is returned before the end of this period, the customer shall not be reimbursed for the cost of the service.

By calling the customer service telephone number ( 34)971576958

Contact the Department of roadside assistance should provide your contract number or registration as well as the exact location of the vehicle, to the crane can locate you and perform the assistance.

In case of loss of keys must be paid to the lessor.The cost of the key of the bike is 65€. The cost of the padlock or key of luggage compartment is €25 and the offset for the delivery of keys or locksmith of motocdicleta is 50€

If you, some of his companions and/or the vehicle occupants contrary are wounded and/or need of health immediately call emergency Tel 112 and will receive the help that requiran wherever they are. Please be careful when leaving the vehicle if no people injured, or once conveniently attended these, please proceed to collect all the information relating to the accident. On the bike you will find your part. In a period of maximum of 24H delivers the documentation in the office Ride On closest or enviela by e-mail to Info@rideonmotorent.com. Must always deliver the original documentation to the return of the vehicle. If the vehicle can drive should be directed to the office Ride On closer and deliver the documentation relating to the incident. There will be managed the replacement of the vehicle, if this necessary. If the vehicle cannot circulate get assistance with road ( 34)971 576958 must provide your contract number or tuition and the exact location of the vehicle.

You have to warn in a day in advance if you want to return before.

Immediately reported the theft to the competent authority and deliver the corresponding complaint to the nearest RideOn office

Personal objects are not included in the coverage of insurance and therefore Ride On is not responsible for the same.

Except that the fault/accident is the product of a negligence on its part and will be

Ride On will pass the data of your contract to the town hall to proceed to be able to receive the fine this management has an additional cost of 40€ per administrative approaches

Passport or ID number and force driving license reservation voucher (preferably) for motorcycles of 50cc you will need the motorcycle driving license AM, or with the carnet B, you can drive it from 18 years. For motorcycles of 125cc you will need the A1 booklet, with a minimum age of 18 years or the carnet B, with 3 years of age. For motorcycles of 200cc and 300cc you will need the A2 booklet, with a minimum of 18 years of age. For motorcycles of 400cc need carnet B.

he rental of all bikes includes two helmets with sizes to choose from with two hats, the Python disposable hygiene, the luggage compartment extra for the second helmet, compulsory insurance against civil liability, and vat and two free tickets to the disco Space Menorca, unlimited mileage, fuel system, full.