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Type of motorbike rental

Now that the good weather is coming, you may be considering renting a motorbike, but apart from comparing prices follow these tips to get the one that best suits your needs. Ride On offers you the best bikes for the best Barcelona scooter rental.   Type of motorbike Regarding the scooters there are many types, take into consideration if you need a […]

Scooter long term rental in Barcelona

Scooter Rental in Barcelona Mobility is changing and it is changing fast, there are three pillars supporting its future – efficiency, sustainability and flexibility, those are some of the challenges that companies face today. At Ride On we offer the best service on motorcycle rental in Barcelona.   Ride On has created one of the leading mobility systems for companies, providing the market with […]

Best helmets for your scooter rental

Full Face Helmets First of all, full face helmets are helmets that offer better head protection, they offer full protection for both head and face, chin and nape. Ride On is your rent scooter Barcelona service.     Many full face helmets are manufactured for competitions and are classified as sport helmets, designed for both road use and circuit use, intended to improve lightness, aerodynamics, safety […]

Safe driving by city

Safe Driving by City Driving by city is not as easy as following rigid driving rules, but it also requires an attitude to make an easy and safe driving. The best advice for the one who is driving a motorbike is circulate with the utmost prudence, scrupulously follow the rules and anticipate maneuvers and movements of traffic.  Ride On is your rent […]

Seu Mallorca Cathedral and Gran Hotel

Palma is a monumental city which has lived facing the sea from the moment it was conceived, and as a result diverse cultures have arrived here and left their mark, above all the Arabs (who called the city Madina Mayurqa) and then Christians, who conquered the island in 1229. The historic city centre still retains its medieval layout, and the […]

7 Mallorca Beaches

We’re talking about beaches in Mallorca, the best places to enjoy this fantastic island. Alcudia First up is Alcudia, There’s an excellent mix of easy access tourism and also authentic Mallorca culture. It’s in the north of the island and it’s one of the most popular resorts there so it can get very crowded. But the fact that it is so touristy […]